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HSC Result 2016 All Education Board

HSC Result 2016 Bangladesh all education boards will Publish on 13 August 2016. The Result will publish under the official website of education board. Recently, the Ministry of Education & Government of Bangladesh has announce the exact date of HSC Result 2016 Publish. All education boards result will publish from education board computer portal, also known as Result Portal. Normally, all the public exam result process within 60 days of exam over date.

HSC Result 2016The Full meaning of HSC is Higher Secondary Certificate.  HSC and Evolution Exam 2016 held on 3rd April 2016 under the All Education Boards of Bangladesh. Education Board Bangladesh Published the HSC Exam Routine 2016, where shot that the Exam will continue till 13 June 2016. Practical Examination will complete at the same date of Routine. HSC Result 2016 Will Publish the same date like the season when the HSC Result 2015 was published. Check below detail instruction for How to get HSC Result 2016 quickly.

Check HSC Result 2016 From Below

HSC Exam Result 2016

HSC Result 2016

HSC Exam Result 2016 is same to this system. In the past years, the HSC Exam has started on the first week of April and the Result published in the second week of August. So, we can say that, this year schedule will same like the past years. HSC Exam Routine 2016 already published & available the exam date of 3rd April 2016. Check the Details information about the HSC Result 2016 Bangladesh.
The HSC means Higher Secondary School Certificate. The HSC and Evolution Result 2016 will Publish on the same times. HSC Exam 2016 has started on 3rd April 2016 under the Education Bard of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are Eight Generals Education Board, a Madrasah Education Board and a Technical Education board. All the Education board takes control their against Institute and Exam Center. All the Education board makes some authority before starting the HSC Exam to make the Environment quite. After completing each Exam, the education ministry authority sends the answer sheet instantly to each education board. After checking & collecting the exam paper, board executive makes a team to monitor whole examination. Team Member selects Head Examiner and Higher secondary examination.

HSC Result 2016 All Education Board

Code Name of All Education Board

  • DHA = Dhaka Board
  • COM = Comilla Board
  • CHI = Chittagong Board
  • RAJ = Rajshahi Board
  • BAR  = Barisal Board
  • SYL = Sylhet Board
  • JES = Jessore Board
  • DIN = Dinajpur Board
  • TECH = Technical Board
  • MAD = Madrasah Board

Get HSC Result 2016 from Mobile

To get HSC / Alim / Equivalent examination result via SMS/Mobile, type-
HSC / Alim <space> The first three letters of Education Board <space> Roll Number<Space> Year and send to 16222
example: HSC <space> DHA <space> 256532<space> 2016 send to 16222

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HSC Result 2016 Sylhet Education Board

HSC Result 2016 Sylhet Education Board contain the meaning of Sylhet Board All Public Results. There are 10 Education board available in Bangladesh. A Technical Education Board, A Madrasah Education Board and 8 General Education Board. Sylhet board is one of the Eight General Education Boards. Here we are ready to describe details about the Sylhet Education Board Public Results Collection Process  details. Every year 4 Public Exam held under the Sylhet Education Board. These are PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC. PSC is the 1st Public exam and HSC is the Last. There are two Middle steps of Public Exam also available. These are JSC and SSC. You can easily check your HSC Reuslt 2016 from our website & Official website of Education Board Results. Read below Details about how to Collect Sylhet Education Board Results? 

Check HSC Result 2016 From Below

HSC Exam Result 2016

HSC Result 2016 Sylhet Education Board

The Last public exam of Sylhet board is HSC. The Full meaning of HSC is Higher School Certificate. After Passing the HSC Exam, Students can complete their graduation with different University. To get the Sylhet Education Board Results for HSC Exam. Use the Above link or Android Apps. You can also use Mobile SMS Format to collect your HSC Results.
HSC Result 2016 Sylhet Education Board

How to get Sylhet Education Board Results?

It is a popular question for the Sylhet board Students. Maximum times they ask about the Different public Results collection process of Sylhet board. This content will work as a complete solution for the all new and exciting questions against Sylhet board. To provide a clear concept, we are now describing about the Results step by step. So, Read more in below about the complete process of Sylhet Education Board Results.

PSC Results Sylhet Education Board

The Primary School Certificate is the complete version of PSC. It is the 1st public exam in BD. The PSC Examinee who attends the PSC exam are generally 11-12 Years old. As a child, they can’t collect their PSC Results. You can provide them a complete solution about the easy process for PSC Result Collection. To get the PSC Result Sylhet board, Just visit www.dpe.teletalk.com.bd. Then follow the Instruction to get the Results.

JSC Result Sylhet Education Board

After Passing the PSC Exam, The Students attend at the High School. After complete study with class Six, Seven and Eight, The students again attend another Public Exam. That is called JSC. JSC full meaning is  the Junior School Certificate. To get the Sylhet board JSC Result in Your Phone, follow SMS format. Go to the message options and type, JSC<space> SYL<space> 6 Digit Roll<space>4 Digit Year and send to 16222. Here, SYL= 1st Three letters of the Sylhet Education Board. 

SSC Result Sylhet Education Board

Secondary School Certificate or SSC is the Biggest Public exam in BD. It is also the Biggest Public exam in the Sylhet Education Board. Get your Sylhet Board SSC Result by Internet from the Education Board Results. Just click on the www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. Android Phone user Visit Google Play to Install the Education Board Results BD Free Apps on your Android. 

If you face any problem while collect the Sylhet Education Board Results, please inform us via comment. We’ll try to solve your Problem and provide you a complete solution about the Sylhet Board Results. Thank you for Staying with us.  

HSC Result 2016 Jessore Board

HSC Result 2016 Jessore Board are the Attraction of Secondary and Higher Education in Jessore. The Jessore Education Board Establish in Jessore District in 1965. It controls the Intermediate and Secondary Educations. Jessore board works on their Personal Official Building in Jessore Sadar Thana.  According to the ordinance of Jessore board, take control the Secondary and higher Institute directly. Also the Available Institute in Jessore District and All Public Examination regarding Jessore District. The established date of the Jessore board by East Pakistan is 30 September 1961. That times its Government order number was 726-XI. After a few  years, The board Postponed on October, 1963. You can easily get HSC Result 2016 from our website.

Check HSC Result 2016 From Below

HSC Exam Result 2016
General Activities of Jessore Board: As an Education board Bangladesh, Jessore Board completes the following Activities.
(i) Jessore board Collects Academic Transcript
(ii) Collects Mark Sheet of different Public Exam
(iii) The Board Correction Name (Any)
(iv) It also correction of Public Result of Any Subject
(v) It can cancel Admission
(vi) Accomplishment of the Admission process canceling one college to another college.
(vii) Selection of academic weakness, examination and of Secondary and higher secondary Educational Institutions under the Board
HSC Result 2016 Jessore Board

HSC Result 2016 Jessore Board

HSC is mainly known as the Short name of Intermediate Pass Result. The Full Meaning of HSC is Higher School Certificate. This the Education board Last Public Exam. The Maximum control section of Jessore and Other Board till HSC. Continue Study on Class Xi and Xii, the Students attend on the HSC Exam. Like SSC, Here available three sections. The Sections are the Science, Arts and Commerce. The Scetion selection completed by SSC Result and SSC Groups. 
HSC Result collection Process is very easy because it Student lower than JSC and SSC Exam. So, easily get your HSC Result of Jessore Education Board. Use Internet Result collection process, Android Apps for HSC Result Jessore Board or SMS System for Get Free the Jessore Board HSC Exam. 

All Results in Jessore Education Board

Get your Jessore Board Result with Variour Method with Internet or without Internet. Within a limited time, collects your Jessore Education Board Results from the Jessore Board Default Results Portal with Super fast speed. No Server Down or Connectivity Problem is available. Without this, you may able to collect your Jessore board All Result via Android Apps, Mobile SMS and Directly from Education Board Result Archive. Read Below the All Desire Information about How to collect Jessore Education Board?

 PSC Result Jessore Education Board

PSC Result means Primary School Certificate Result. It is also similar with the Ebtedayee (Madrasah Board)  Result. After completing life’s first five classes, All the Students are Join the PSC Exam per Year. The PSC Exam will held on Every District Upazilla wise. It provides a 6 Digit Roll Number which is also the maintenance of Upazilla code. To get your PSC Result Jessore Education board by Internet or Mobile SMS. Just check our Another Exam wise Result category to find PSC Result of Jessore Education board complete Information. Also remember that, you must bring your Thana or Upazilla code for collecting your PSC Result by  Mobile Phone SMS.

JSC Result Jessore Education Board

Jessore Education board JSC (Similar with Madrasah Board JDC Result) is a Middle Point for the Secondary School Students. After  Passing the Classes Six and Seven. A students attend on class Eight. After completing the Class Eight Education Syllabus all the students able to attend on the JSC and JSC Exam. JSC and JDC mean Junior School Certificate and Junior Dakhil Certificate. On the clear Specification, JSC is called the General Education board Class Eight Public Exam. And the JDC is called Madrasah Education Board Class Eight Students Public Exam. 
Collect your JSC Result of Jessore board by Visiting Jessore board Official Website and Click on the Result Menu. Now get your JSC result individually through JSC Roll Number if you are a JSC Examinee. Or, Collect your Whole School JSC Result of Jessore Board with Institute EIIN Number if you are an Institute Head. SMS system still to collect Jessore Board, JSC Result.  Type, JSC JES 098765 2020 to 16222. Here, JSC= Education Type or Category. JES= Jessore Board 1st 3 Letters. 098765= Example of JSC Board Roll. 2020=JSC Passing year (Exam Attending Year).

SSC Result Jessore Education Board

No other Public exam available in Jessore Board is as big as SSC. Secondary School Certificate is the Complete meaning of SSC. After a long time, All the Students want to Attend higher Education on Different Colleges. For these, SSC Exam is compulsory. All the Institutes (School) final Year (Class 10) students attend on the SSC Exam. 

Deeply, JSC Exam is the Number one Public Exam in Bangladesh. Maximum numbers of Students attend on the types of Exam which is definitely more than the others Exam.  Would you like to get the answer of How to get SSC Result of Jessore Education Board? For the new Students of SSC, It is a common question. You can get Jessore Education Board Results for SSC Exam various ways if may want. 
SSC Result through the Internet is the best process which you can follow. Here, must require an Internet connection Device like Computer, Laptop or Smartphone.  Then Visit the Jessore Board Default Result Portal for Get the Jessore board SSC Result only. Otherwise, Visit the Education Board Result portal to collect All board SSC Result free.

 Use the SMS System to get  the Jessore Board SSC Result on your Mobile. This system you may follow only after the SSC Result Jessore Board Publish. SMS format we have already provided on the other Article. Check the SSC Result Category to learn more about this. 

HSC Result Jessore Board 2016

No more words about the Jessore Education board Results. We hope that we already have provided a complete Concept about the Public Exam Result in Jessore Board. If you think that Something missing on this content about Jessore board Result. Please Suggest your comment to us via the Comment section or by using the contact us form. We will update our Post again with the suggestion you will provide. Also share your Problem with us. We’ll try to solve your relevant problem of the Jessore Education Board All Results. Thank you for staying a long time with us.

HSC Exam Result 2016 Rajshahi Board

HSC Exam Result 2016 Rajshahi Board will be publish on August 2016. The Board of Rajshahi Secondary and Intermediate, established in 1961. It is the education zone in the northern Bangladesh. Rajshahi Education Board Result of Bangladesh will publish by the various ways. The Governor of Pakistan visited Rajshhi in 7th October 1958 and Pleased. After a few years the Rajshahi Education board has Established. Its amendments  number was XXXIII in 1961 and XVI in 1962. Till then it takes the Education control. Rajshahi board controls the Education of all the available district in Rajshahi Division. Read more below about the Results of Rajshahi Education board HSC Result 2016.

HSC Exam Result 2016 Rajshahi Board

The HSC Exam Rajshahi Board is the Last Attempt of Public Exam under the Rajshahi Education Board. The HSC Exam for the College students. After completing the Xi and Xii Class, All the Student feels curious to join the HSC Exam. The HSC Examinee feels happy because if they passed the HSC Exam. They will able to join with the University. After completing the HSC Exam, the HSC Result Rajshahi Board will publish within the 60 Days. After publishing the HSC Results, you will get your Result On our Site individually. You can collect your Result by college base. It will save your time if you are a college executive. Just need your college EIIN Number to get whole college results of Rajshahi board.

All the Available Result of Rajshahi Education Board will Publish with the  others education board. When the Ministry of Education and Government of Bangladesh Announce about Result Date, Then Rajshahi Board Result will Publish. You can the The Rajshahi Board Result  with your Mobile Phone by SMS. If you have an Android Phone, You may able to collect your Result by Android Apps by Teletalk. Otherwise, Visit www.educationboardresults.gov.bd to get your Rajshahi Education board Results. Then follow the Instruction. Check the category wise Result system in below.

HSC Exam Result 2016 Rajshahi Board

PSC Result 2016 in Rajshahi Board

The Primary School Certificate Exam for Class Five Students in Rajshahi board will hold on November. Per year, too many students attend on their 1st Public Examination. We make systems for PSC Exam Routine, PSC Exam Suggestion and PSC Result Rajshahi Board on here. Generally, The PSC Result will publish on the Last week of December.  After Publish the Result, You can collect it our Site with Full Mark sheet. School wise Result also available.

JSC Result 2016 in Rajshahi Board

The Junior School Certificate Exam will hold on the 1st week of November per Year. Rajshahi Board maintenance the JSC Exam carefully. It’s the 2nd Public Exam in Bangladesh. The Students who attend in JSC Exam is not too small. They already have passed the PSC Exam in Past. For this Reason, the Board Authority care with Extraordinary. We are working to provide the JSC Suggestion. Remember that, we have also added the JSC Routine on our Site before. The JSC Result Rajshahi Board will publish on the Last week of December that like 29th to 31st of December. You get your JSC Result Rajshahi board on here after result Publishing. Just need your Rajshahi board Roll Number.

SSC Result 2017 in Rajshahi Board

After completing the 10 year of Education, The Students attend on SSC Exam. SSC is the biggest Public exam in Bangladesh. The Total Number of SSC Examinee is more than the other Public Exam in BD. The SSC Exam of this year will start on February 1st and it will continue till March. Generally, after 60 Days of complete the Exam, the SSC Result publishes on the last week of May.  We will add the SSC Result Rajshahi Board on here for the SSC Examinee. You can also visit us on here for Exclusive SSC Suggestion of All Subject. Check out our site daily for new update.

Want more information about the Rajshahi Education Board Result, Please Visit our Home page now to Read all the Post. Please don’t remember to share your experience with us. It will help us to serve you better from previous. Visit us daily for the latest update. Thank you for staying with us.